Ronan T. Fleming

Dr. Ronan Fleming received his PhD in Systems Biology from the National University of Ireland, Galway. His dissertation focused on the analysis of transcriptomic data in E. coli using empirical mode decomposition a mathematical exploration of the psycho-chemical basis of constraint-based modelling.

Dr. Fleming is Assistant Professor in the Division of Systems Biomedicine and Pharmacology at the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research in Leiden University and leads the Systems Biochemistry Group, an interdiscipinary research group of mathematical, computational and experimental biologists. The fundamental interest is to develop scalable mathematical and numerical analysis techniques that increase the predictive fidelity of biomolecular network models, by incorporating physico-chemical constraints, motivated by optimality principles. Their applied interest is in the aetiopathogenesis and amelioration of Parkinson’s disease. Model predictions are used for optimal experimental design and compared with quantitative experimental data, including that obtained from their microfluidic cell cultures of dopaminergic neurons, derived from normal and Parkinsonian human subjects using stem cell biology techniques.