Pille Taba

Dr Pille Taba is a Professor of Neurology of the University of Tartu, President of the Estonian Society of Neurologists and Neurosurgeons, Head of the Neurology Commission for the Ministry of Social Affairs, and Head of the Guideline Advisory Board of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. She serves as a member of the Management Groups for Panels on Movement Disorders, and Infectious Diseases of the European Academy of Neurology, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group of Neurology of the European Medicines Agency, and of the International Executive Committee of the Movement Disorders Society.

Pille Taba was graduated from the University of Tartu, Estonia, and received her postgraduate medical training at the University of Vienna, the University College London, the Karlstad University Hospital, and the Minneapolis Clinic of Neurology. Her research interests have been focused on movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease and toxic parkinsonism, and infections of the central nervous system.  She has broad research contacts, among them collaboration with the University College London, University of Helsinki, and Uppsala University. Pille Taba has been an invited speaker at many international congresses and educational courses.