Jens Clausen

Jens Clausen is head of the department of ethics and lifesciences and their didactics at the University of Education, Freiburg (Germany). He has a double training in Biology and Philosophy, and finished his PhD in Ethics of Life Sciences with a thesis on the ethics of human cloning. His second book is on the ethics of neurotechnological devices.

Clausen has taught biomedical ethics for nearly 20 years to students of medicine, philosophy, biology and other disciplines and to teachers as well. His research focuses on ethical and anthropological implications of modern neurosciences with special respect to brain technological devices, enhancement and regenerative medicine.

Jens Clausen published his findings in internationally renowned journals including Nature, European Journal of Neuroscience and Current Opinion in Psychiatry and Medicine Health Care and Philosophy. He also edited together with Neil Levy (Oxford/Melburne) the three volume 1800 pages Handbook of Neuroethics with Springer published 2015. Most recently he published a piece on the ethics of neuroprosthetics in Science.